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The compound aircraft technology was developed by aerospace engineer Dr.-Ing. Alexander Köthe at the Technische Universität Berlin. As Chief Engineer at Project AlphaLink, he is in charge of the design of the individual aircraft and the development of the joint technology to connect these aircraft. Alex also works on the flight control system to enable autonomous coupling or decoupling in flight mode and to guarantee the autonomous operation of the joint flight formation.


Dr. Daniel Cracau manages the project. His diverse professional experiences from academia, the private sector and international organizations complement the engineering excellence behind Project AlphaLink. Daniel’s responsibilities are strategy, project planning, and administration.


Partners and Cooperations

In 2019, AlphaLink participates in the Startup Collaboration program of the Mistletoe Research Foundation.


AlphaLink is part of the Hardware Club and an associated project to the Explorer Initiatives of German Aerospace Center (DLR Space Management).

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We currently cooperate with TU Berlin and are listed in the Map of the Space Industry in Berlin Brandenburg.

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Project AlphaLink is member of the StarTUp Incubator of the Centre for Entrepreneurship, TU Berlin, and is kindly supported by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology as part of the Cluster Transport, Mobility and Logistics in the Capital Region.

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